The year 2015 marks the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, an event that was responsible for the extermination of over 1.5 million Armenian people and the subsequent dispersal of the remaining survivors around the world. Today, over 70% of Armenians live outside of their country in communities that exist on almost every continent.

From the beaches of Rio de Janeiro to a cafés in Paris, Armenia Sings On in Our Hearts explores the diversity of the Armenian diaspora. When the massacres forced many Armenians to find a new home, they struggled to overcome numerous difficulties to maintain their identity and keep their culture and spirit alive throughout the world. The film spans several generations to explain the history of the diaspora and what it means to be Armenian today. Through food, music, and dance, viewers can embark on a unique, cultural journey that includes festive celebrations, insightful interviews, and stories that tell of the challenges and success stories in remaining connected to one´s roots while simultaneously redefining what it means to be Armenian.

The documentary endeavors to give voice to the unknown stories of the modern Armenians, exposing the large diversity ad cultural richness that exists among this small group of people, while exploring the quintessential question of what it takes to preserve ones heritage away from home.

Watch here: Armenia Sings On In Our Hearts